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10 Years and Beyond

September 20, 2023

This year marks 10 years since SSI was founded, and it's a joy to see all the incredible adventures, projects, and friendships the decade has born. We were thrilled to celebrate the anniversary this quarter together with SSI alumni and faculty advisors.
This quarter was jam-packed with activity. We launched Olympus, our liquid-fueled rocket, sent our Sapling Giganteum cubesat into orbit, wrapped up TOBIAS, our collaboration with NASA JPL, did further research on our bricks payload back from the ISS, and made big strides in our Fountain Hopper rocket, balloons payload, Mars 3D printer, and Mars Polar Rover projects. Meanwhile the Biology team hosted talks from NASA Ames and SETI scientists, the Policy team hosted a space food event, and Sats has been filming a documentary with the Wende museum on their satellite and mentoring Irvington High school students on building their own cubesat.
The past decade of SSI has shown the impact students can make when they shoot for the stars. We'll keep taking initiative.
Ad Astra, Elijah and Angelina

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